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"I have felt a lot of changes in my life and I am more content! I think I have found the spirit of the ibadah now... I am more positive and happier because when I pray or read Quran I feel I'm able to connect to Allah on a different level."

- - Tasneem Mir

"The value of today's session took an hour after we finished to really dawn on me. You applying the simplicity of the "Spiritual Laws" to my situation in a way that made sense to me, that really made sense to me, gave me the experience I hope I can bring to others. I don't want you to miss the value you brought me today – it's immense."

- - Ross Mackenzie

"It feels like I have finally found the jigsaw piece that had been missing for such a long time and once placed in it's rightful place gives me a feeling of wholeness, peace, happiness and love. Words cannot explain this feeling of mine except - it's like Allah has lead me to this beautiful place - the real me, Alhamdulillah."

- - Robina Kauser

"This first book chapter has changed my life Mamoon!
<3 Even though I could live an amazingly beautiful
and rich life from just the First spiritual Law...
please, please, please send chapter 2! :-)"

- - Harsimrit Kaur