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Instant Ihsan

Imagine if you could access the power of the Quran to transform your life. The Quran is the most ground-breaking personal development manual on the planet. This program explores how to engage with it in a way that creates life-changing insights and personal breakthroughs.

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Effortless Transformation

This program has everything you need to create your ideal lifestyle and become the best possible version of yourself – the “real you”, that’s hiding just below the surface. Learn the new paradigm of personal development that will change your life forever.

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Meet Him & Marry Him

Introducing the world’s first Islamic course on how to find, attract & marry your ideal husband. Using the Quran as your personal development manual and spiritual guide, learn everything from attracting your ideal partner to taking the relationship from engaged to married. Explore what goes on inside a Muslim man’s mind, including when he’s deciding whether or not to marry you.

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Quran Breakthrough Telephone Coaching Session

Are you finally ready to tap into the full spiritual power of the Quran to transform your life? In this personal coaching session, you'll become completely aware of what's been holding you back and we'll create a Quran-based plan for you to move forward now...

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